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Safety Committe Purpose Statement
SEROP is committed to ensuring that injury and illness prevention is considered of primary importance in all phases of operations and administration. It is the intention of the Southeast ROP to provide safe and healthy working conditions and to establish and require safe and healthful work practices at all times by all employees.
To encourage employees to report unsafe conditions, we have implemented an anonymous reporting system in the form of a safety suggestion box which is located in the SEROP staff lounge. We encourage you to report any unsafe conditions relating to workplace safety and health here on the Foster Road campus. As a committee, we would appreciate any suggestions you might have for improving the safe and healthful work practices/conditions as well.
We value your input and appreciate your help in making us a more effective committee on your behalf.
Safety Committee Members:
Denise Strong - Committee Chair
Marty Schafer - Committee Co-Chair
Debbie Colpean - Committee Co-Chair
Don Crawford
Gregg Moss
​Ruben Padilla
Jesus Ortiz